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Please complete the forms below to estimate the space needed for your project.

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We believe the calculator is a useful tool to estimate your needs. We ask you to kindly fill in the form below, so a representative of Concept Office Interiors could contact you to gather details about your project:

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Below is the space calculation based on the information you have entered:

Reception desk with visitor area 0 m2
Wait point 0 m2
Number of workstations 0 m2
Single occupancy offices 0 m2
Double occupancy offices 0 m2
Executive offices 0 m2
Number of meeting rooms for up to 6 plus 0 m2
Number of meeting rooms for up to 10 plus 0 m2
Number of meeting rooms for up to 15 plus 0 m2
Storage areas small 0 m2
Storage areas medium 0 m2
Storage areas large 0 m2
IT room / server 0 m2
Kitchen Breakout small 0 m2
Kitchen Breakout medium 0 m2
Kitchen Breakout large 0 m2

Step 4

Our promise

  • A sketch plan based on your brief, usually within 48 hours
  • A condition report of potential tenancies in simple bullet point format
  • Indicative budgets for the construction of the fit out

From the information you have entered, your total required space is m2.

Standard fitout: $
Medium fitout: $
High fitout: $

Please note: This budget is an estimate only, and does not include GST.


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Confirmation Page

Thank you for submitting your details, a representative of Concept Office Interiors will be in contact with you.
The reference number for your request is # . Please use if when contacting us should you have any questions.

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