If you are currently thinking of moving to a new location, we can help your company to save both time and money without compromising on the facilities and space that your employees require. Our experienced consultants will assess your needs and establish whether they can be met by adapting the existing building in which your firm is based or whether a move is indeed the best option. You can start your new location search here: Commercial Property Guide

Working together

Our reputation for delivering exactly what our clients really need is founded on our ability to understand the requirements of companies in many different industries and our expertise in surveying commercial space to ensure that these requirements can be met working within the constraints of the space in question. At every stage of a new project we are in constant communication with our clients to make sure that our plans encompass everything they desire and that any office space design brief that we produce will result in an interior that meets all their needs.

Time and money

We understand that every commercial operation needs to keep a close eye on costs and that the length of time spent on designing and building a new space can have major implications for their immediate profitability, which is why we always pay close attention to the budgetary needs and scheduling concerns of our clients.
As part of our consultancy service, we will establish exactly how long it will take to complete any work that you require us to carry out and endeavour to produce a plan that enables us to complete this work within the budget that you have set aside for the project. Because we offer a comprehensive range of services, including project management, design, construction, fitout and office furniture services, we are able to achieve excellent results for our clients at very affordable prices.